Conference Topics

I Electric Machines and Field Analysis II Power Electronics and Motor Drives III Energy Systems, E-Mobility,
and AI Convergence
01. Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators
02. Induction Machines and AC Machines
03. BLDC and DC Machines
04. Transformers and Power Apparatus
05. Linear and Special Machines
06. Magnetics and Field Analysis
07. Other Areas in Electric Machines
01. Motor Control and Motor Drives
02. Motion Control and Servo Systems
03. Sensorless Control
04. Automotive Power Electronics and EV Chargers
05. DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC Converters
06. Power Electronic Devices (Si and Wide Band Gap) and Applications
07. Other Areas in Power Electronics and Motor Drives
01. Renewable Energy Systems
02. Batteries Modeling and Management Systems, Energy Storage Systems
03. Smart Grids, FACTS, and Micro Grids
04. Hybrid/Electric Vehicles and Electric Propulsion Systems
05. AI Convergence Technology for Electric Machine and Drive
06. Wireless Power Transfer System and Application
07. Other Areas in Energy Systems and E-Mobility
Special Sessions

01. Electrical Machines for More/All Electric Aircraft
02. Electric Machinery and Drives for E-Mobility Applications
03. Switched Reluctance Motors and Application
04. Electric Vehicle Conversion
05. Latest Research Issues on Autonomous Train Control Technology
06. Railway Electrification and Electric Traction Systems
07. Condition Monitoring in Power Electronics and Electrical Machine
08. Advanced Control Strategy for Permanent Magnet Motor Drives